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duct tape When Lessons Learned Aren’t
 – What Project Managers Can Do to Change That

A Professional Development Workshop for Project Managers

Most companies include Lessons Learned in their project management approach, and Lessons Learned is part of PMBOK. Yet surprisingly few organizations are reliably creating tangible value with Lessons Learned (for the enterprise, or for project teams who take the time to capture lessons).

Let’s change that!

Chart a path to making Lessons Learned work in your situation.

  1. Assess existing pathways and habits that affect agility and learning in your organization–and locate the missing links for creating value from identified Lessons.
  2. Try on elements of Action Review Cycles– assess the impacts and obstacles of making it a part of how you manage projects.
  3. Sort out the kinds of Lessons that stakeholders will get behind implementing, and pull together a strategy for getting the support that you need.

These three activities allow you to see your own situation with fresh eyes. You will gather tactics for making Lessons Learned work in your situation and re-injecting learning as part of how work gets done. Then you can set off with fresh determination to be part of leading a learning organization (organizations that tap the smarts and aspirational energy of the folks that get the work done everyday in ways that make the enterprise resilient and aligned in achieving its mission).

Yes, that sets the bar high. But we have found that those organizations (or parts of organizations) that have become what you might call “learning machines” typically achieve that status through daily practice of a set of simple disciplines (such as ARC) – and it is the cumulative effect of such practices that have the emergent impact that people recognize as being a learning organization.

This workshop is a followup to a very well-received keynote PMI presentation on AAR/Action Review Cycles last year. Presenter bio   PMI Registration

note: This workshop will ask you to “get real work done” by applying the concepts to your real work situation. We encourage you to bring examples of captured Lessons that have not been implemented.This workshop is not about learning facilitation skills, rather, it is about figuring out how to adjust a few work processes in a way that Lessons Learned will start producing real value – and ultimately make that added value production a part of the normal flow of project activities.

Please contact us with any questions.

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