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How Signet Can Help

Applying AARs to produce sustained improvement is an art that requires some practice. That is where we come in. We work with leaders of operational, project, functional and executive teams—through consultation, workshops, coaching and co-facilitation—to help orchestrate the nuances and integration that combine to produce sustained advantage:

  • The best sequence for getting started
  • Identify the best metrics for tracking performance
  • Set the stage for learning to occur from the outset of planning
  • When to conduct AARs, BARs and rehearsals
  • Which AAR designs fit which kinds of work and business challenges
  • Powerful questions to ask
  • How to foster openness and trust and build personal accountability for learning
  • How to link past lessons forward to impact today’s results
  • Discover high quality lessons that are “ready for prime time”

We work with senior leadership teams to establish the expectation in word and deed that “We are an organization that holds itself accountable for learning.” Senior leaders play a crucial role in shaping the climate– by their own willingness to acknowledge mistakes, by taking action on lessons learned, and by fast-tracking subordinates who do the same.

Signet also works with staff functions to strengthen their capacity to support operational teams through training, co-facilitation, coaching, and hosting Communities of Practice.

Signet Site Visit

A Signet Site Visit is an easy way to explore the fit between Signet’s approach to AARs and your specific challenges, objectives and vision for your organization. Over the course of two days, we will present our AAR research findings and meet with a few teams and stakeholders in order to listen to their business needs, answer their questions or concerns about AARs, offer advice on how to apply them, and share the experiences of other organizations as they have traveled down the AAR adoption path. We can even provide coaching on an upcoming AAR.

If you have a specific business challenge or opportunity in mind, we can conduct an AAR Launch. We help you clarify your business and learning objectives, design an effective AAR solution, and launch the practice by co-facilitating a Foundation AAR.

Signet’s quick Assessment instrument can help you assess whether your organization is set up to win in meeting the level of change and complexity of today’s business environment.

This assessment can also serve as a conversation starter for senior teams.

Call or write for more information about these opportunities.