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What People Say About Our Work:

“Of all of the management events I’ve participated in, this was the most realistic, full of ’can use it’ material.”

– Senior leader, Fortune 50 company 

“The insights we gained from our work with Marilyn and Charles really helped us improve the quality of our work.”

– CEO and Chairman, regional utility

“This process should be part of every team's toolbox. The power of Emergent Learning is in its ability to assist teams in real time performance improvement. It creates a process of inquiry and reflection that quickly becomes part of the organization's culture.”

– President, community foundation 

“My team switched from being a group that was looking in the rearview mirror to find out what went wrong to a group that is looking forward and planning for success in every engagement we have with our clients. We are continually improving the services that we provide to our customers and are constantly increasing our capacity as a team to create our desired end state. In short, we now know how to make a learning organization a reality.”

– Director, Operating Systems Project Manager, regional utility 

“The Army's After Action Review (AAR) is arguably one of the most successful organizational learning methods yet devised. Darling's and Parry's study can help corporate leaders at all levels grasp the essence of the AAR, so they can help it incubate in their own culture.”

– Peter Senge, best-selling author

“We’ve used Emergent Learning since early in 2000 to help our multi-company project teams break through barriers starting right at the outset of a project. The teams know that they will come back together to check their progress as they go. I see Signet’s approach — linking a forward focus with reflecting back — as crucial to our ability to build effective partnerships at the same time that we improve our performance on projects.”

– Vice President, construction company 

“While many have written about the AAR, no other authors have uncovered the dynamics of the process as have Marilyn Darling and Charles Parry…Those of us who see the value of the AAR will well appreciate their contribution to the field of learning.”

– Director, Defense Education, Reserve Officers Association 

“Our company now has a bias toward learning throughout projects and ongoing work, rather than waiting for end points. Before Action Reviews (BARs) and/or AARs are now used in the performance review process, hiring, finance, major projects, managing our response to regional blackouts, and helping our Corporate Responsibility team generate greater impact.”

– Director of Continuous Learning & Organizational Effectiveness, manufacturing company 

“Marilyn and Charles tirelessly exemplify the tenacity and compassion required to coach our ever-growing community of Emergent Learning practitioners to a level of self-sufficiency and initiative that enables us to explore and analyze, with a keen eye and mind, that which emerges through practice.”

– Project Manager, technology company 

“In foundations, there are a lot of people who like the big thoughts. Emergent Learning helps those people come back to earth. It reconnects the theory and the practice… from practice to theory and back to practice again. It stretches you and then brings you back to what you have to do next.”

– Chief Knowledge and Learning Officer, foundation 

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