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Interpret your agility assessment

If you scored over 100, congratulations. You are in an organization that has gone beyond the awareness of a need to adapt to frequent change in your environment -- beyond even building a capacity to adapt quickly.., all the way to making learning faster than the competition your key competitive advantage. You succeed in any conditions. We'd love to write about you in a future HBR article, give us a call!

If you're less than happy with your scores, we offer some thoughts on how to make a shift to greater agility. But first, ask a few colleagues to fill out the assessment and have a conversation about their perceptions.

Achieving high levels of agility requires updating two perspectives - one's that made sense in stable environments but no longer fit:

a] The world is basically stable, with occasional changes;

b] Efficiency and specialization rule, so leadership, learning and execution are separate functions in our organization.

The agility mindsets:

a] Our world will change frequently and even suddenly, with occasional periods of stability;

b] To be effective in this world we must link the way we lead, learn and execute - every day.

Take a moment to think about the challenges and opportunities facing your organization - where would integrating LL&E really make a difference?

__ "Bet the company" projects or initiatives

__ Projects requiring synchronization across groups or functions

__ Being prepared for rapid growth

__ Transition following a merger or aquisition

__ Developing leadership and accountability

An efficient way to build this integration is through a set of disciplines built into the normal flow of work, anchored by the Action Review Cycle.

If you would like to discuss your Agility assessment, or how Signet might help build agility in your organization, please contact us.

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