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walks outIs your institutional memory walking out the door?

Traditional solutions to this problem are often expensive. Worse, they fail to elicit the tacit knowledge that drives success, especially in challenging times. Signet’s goal is to help you develop and implement practices that surface tacit knowledge and embed that know-how in the organization in ways that will improve results in the future.

Institutional Memory Assessment

Have you identified the core capabilities that you need to succeed in the future and have a method in place to grow and sustain them? This assessment allows us to provide recommendations that are tailored to your needs, practices and culture. It includes:

  • a review of existing knowledge assets, current practices, knowledge repositories and technologies,
  • interviews with organizational leaders and members of your operational teams,
  • a report that identifies strengths and weaknesses, learning priorities, know-how tools and practices to consider, and the core questions that must be addressed before that memory walks out the door.

Scenario-based Knowledge Transfer

Elicit crucial tacit knowledge in one-day roundtable events that help juniors connect to seniors through intensive dialogues around archetypical scenarios. Signet works with your team to identify and capture key lessons from each session.

Peer Learning and Benchmarking

Traditional approaches to peer learning lean heavily on PowerPoint presentations of success stories. But in changing conditions, these successes are almost impossible to replicate. Instead, our approach is grounded in the principle that “we are all experts in equal measure.” You can convene peer learning events across functions and organizational boundaries using Signet’s Emergent Learning methods. Signet’s EL Map™ has been adopted by organizations ranging from one of the largest companies in the world to international collectives of philanthropists aiming to solve huge problems across the globe.

Best Practice Development

Part and parcel with expanding the use of best practices is understanding how they “land” in different environments. For identified best practices an organization hopes to replicate, Signet conducts one-day best practice workshops that engage peers in thinking through what it will really take to adopt a practice and make it stick.

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