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Front-line stories of Emergent Learning disciplines

Since the look and feel of Emergent Learning disciplines varies widely to match an organization’s needs and culture, the best way to understand them is through examples of real-world challenges and solutions:

Making a transition in core business strategy at Fidelity Investments

A new Director knew it was time for a change in the core strategies of her group. But there was a lot of momentum for doing things the old way. So she set aside a day to change gears. The transition day began with a analysis of the past and preview of the future in terms of specific success criteria. To facilitate clear and aligned thinking, the team created a whole-room walkthrough of an EL Map’s quadrants using wall charts, making their past and future challenges clear. As they engaged in this immersion, the group saw the need for change clearly and grasped their leader's vision of the opportunities and change in strategy going forward.

Now mobilized, they used their EL Map’s timeline to try on and walk through the complete sequence of tactics that would take them through this challenging re-invention. The group drew on its collective experience to fill in gaps, validated the leader's hypotheses, and committed to key actions and transition roles.

Finally, they built real-time dashboards to keep key data flows visible and built a simple AAR format into their regular planning meetings to assure staying on track.

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