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Front-line stories of Emergent Learning disciplines

Since the look and feel of Emergent Learning disciplines varies widely to match an organization’s needs and culture, the best way to understand them is through examples of real-world challenges and solutions:

Building shared responsibility for success in complex multi-firm projects

Forward-looking executives at Power Construction, a $300 million, 400 employee, 78 year old Chicago firm recognized that their highly successful family-style organization was growing too large to be able to rely on informal mechanisms to transfer knowledge and skills in completing complex projects. Time is money, and many projects face "never done before" situations that call for adjusting as you go. These sorts of lessons learned on the job were too valuable to lose.

Their major projects require close working relationships between multiple organizations — architect, general contractor, owner, subcontractors, etc. As their core business strategy has always been exceeding customer expectations, leading to over 90% repeat business, this requires a very pro-active approach.

So Power built an Emergent Learning practice they call "Lessons Learned Workshops" (LLWs) into the phase transitions of major projects — pre-, 50% and post-construction. They track key performance indicators and use emerging lessons to plan for challenges around the corner. They use these workshops as a straightforward hands-on way to keep the multi-firm project teams aligned and on the same page.

The experience-validated knowledge produced by the LLWs is presented peer-to-peer in quarterly all-company forums.

More examples: