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Company Overview

Signet supports leaders who recognize that they operate in environments that grow more dynamic, complex and competitive every day, and that therefore, their organization must actively become ever smarter, more agile, and more resilient–in other words, "a learning organization".

Organizations that thrive in challenging environments do so in part by actively tapping into their people's intelligence, passion and resourcefulness – at both individual and team levels. Yet most workplaces contain structures and norms that choke off, rather than build, this resourcefulness.

The transformation to becoming a learning organization does not occur overnight, as it is a matter of both culture and of tools. Yet a learning organization can be created without adding a lot of training overhead – deliberate shifts in the habits of action and thought that are part of people’s daily work routines produces a considerable cumulative impact.

The difference that makes the difference is whether people learn in the course of performing their everyday work in ways that make themselves AND the organization more effective.

So the test for whether you are in a “learning organization” is: Do people and teams learn in the course of their everyday work in ways that produce actions - actions that raise the bar on performance and make the organization more agile and resilient?

Signet serves as a thinking partner for leaders and a subject matter expert on organizational learning. Our approach is to provide services in a way that directly addresses immediate challenges and goals - while supporting the long-term aspirations of the organization by building its adaptive capacity. Our tools are pragmatic, research-based, and build on an organization's existing strengths. In fact, we set the stage for participants to get better at getting better, so that value continues to emerge long after we have done our part in transmitting and helping grow new practices to maturity.

Clients come to us from commercial, government, civic, and academic sectors. Our sister organization supports foundations, non-profits and collaboratives in the social sector.

Signet's Lead Researcher/ Consultant

Charles Parry

Charles Parry helps corporations and professional services firms create agile performance and continuous improvement by building AAR/Action Review cycles into the daily work of executives, managers and line employees. His success in conducting original research and translating it into practical applications began decades ago with elucidating peak performance strategies of elite athletes. Mr. Parry has taught change acceleration strategies to Six Sigma Black Belts, developed courses on topics such as Difficult Conversations and continuous improvement, and has advanced the facilitation skills of hundreds of managers and OD practitioners. Full profile on LinkedIn


Senior Advisor

Joe Moore

Colonel (Retired) Joseph A. Moore, Jr. commanded the 3,000 soldiers of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, the unit serving as the Opposing Force (OPFOR) at the US Army's National Training Center - the smart, highly flexible enemy that all other Army brigades must test themselves against through intense battles, in order to prove–and improve–their readiness for the real thing. Joe led the OPFOR through an historic transition from replicating Soviet-style forces into flexible forces capable of winning in the fluid environments of Afghanistan. His depth at the NTC included being an Observer/Controller on two tours, and Chief of Plans and Operations.